Sunday, July 22, 2012

More proof that the Romney's are out of touch with the American middle class

Most political observers understand that the Romney's have huge personal wealth.  We know some things about the source of that wealth from what we hear or read in the media.  We know Mitt Romney was born into a wealthy family and got his business started from his father's money.  We know he helped found Bain Capital and his business activities in that company made him many millions of dollars.  He worked hard and successfully reaped the monetary benefits of his work.  Although we may be jealous of his huge success, any of us would be happy to have accomplished the same thing.

I have no problem with Romney's financial status.  However, the thing that appears to me to be so worrisome about a Romney President is the disconnect he has with the commoners of America; those of us who are not in the top one percent.

More evidence of this disconnect was evident in a TV interview of Mrs. Ann Romney.  Ann Romney also comes from a wealthy family background, her father owning a marine parts manufacturing facility in Michigan when she was young.  The social circle that the two families interacted with included the wealthy, famous and political leaders.  Their wedding ceremony was attended by Gerald Ford, and they got congratulations messages from then President Richard Nixon.

During the interview, Mrs Romney was asked to explain why Mitt Romney will not release more than one or two years of income tax returns for public review.  Initially she skirted the issue and never gave a direct answer.  Perhaps, because of the persistence of the reporter who asked the question again and seemed to frustrate Mrs. Romney, she answered "There are so many things that people would question in them...we are only releasing two years of income tax returns to you people and that's it!"

Mrs. Romney, the public is going to question Mitt's financial dealings even more after that answer.  Mitt is not running for dog catcher of the United States.  He is running for President of the United States.  With such high stakes, the American public deserves to know that Mitt's background is beyond reproach.  Failing to reveal information from the public is only going to be seen as secrecy that is concealing something very damaging.

And what is up with your selected phraseology; "YOU" people?  Who says that except one who sees themselves separated from the people she is talking about or talking to.   Perhaps living in upper class bliss for all those years has given the Romney's the feeling that they are above the rest of us.  I fear that this statement explains the way that the entire Romney family sees themselves.  Better than you people.  Just who will a President Mitt Romney be loyal to if he views the rest of us as unimportant working class "human capital" (as his web-site calls us).  Are we only to be used and abused by his corporate backers?

America has a government that is supposed to be of the people, for the people and by the people.  It is not a government just of, for and by the wealthy.  Electing Mitt Romney will get us much closer to the latter and so if you are not a member of the financially top one percent, I urge you to vote Democratic in the upcoming elections.

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