Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tea for two but none for you

Something has happened in America that is fouling the moral compass of our Republican political leaders. I am not exactly sure what caused it, but it appears that within the Republican mind, self interest and love of money has been exacerbated to a level far greater than I have ever seen in the past.

The Republican party has always represented the interests of the richest of Americans, but about 3 trillion dollars in the last two years in tax cuts for the rich have not resulted in an increase in jobs for the middle class. Corporate profits have skyrocketed in our recession economy, yet American middle class workers wages have been flat or decreased. Corporate America has sent and continues to send hundreds of thousands of American jobs to foreign workers. Even domestic jobs in service industries, retail industries and high technology companies are now going to foreigners living in America. Something is wrong with Republican Party thinking if they can blame the Obama administration for not creating jobs.

Greed is running rampant in the Republican party. Unwilling to give anything that might reduce their fortunes, Republican leaders are calling for the weakest and least self-sufficient of Americans to pay for the economic recovery. The mind-set seems at odds with the party that supports the right to life. Could that platform be a lie too?

Either these people feel invincible or are totally insane. In either case, they are coming close to being a sinister, uncaring psychopathic party and I think it will be their downfall. How a person would want to be associated with that party is beyond belief. At the core of any good person is concern for others who are less fortunate. This Republican party only shows concern for their own kind and all others be damned.

So if you are Republican and do not have such beliefs, then leave the Party because your leaders are dragging you down a bad road. Judging from their present behavior this Republican Party does not have much time left to be in control.