Tuesday, December 13, 2005

There ought to be a law: Economic Treason

Corporate America never ceases to amaze me. From unethical behavior to outright criminal acts, the hits just keep on coming. Here I review a silent killer that has recently crept into the everyday business dealings of big American corporate executives. It is called "outsourcing".

It fairly clear that America's Corporate executives benefit from the success of their business. Because these people are so valued by their companies, some even benefit unfairly during adverse company times. Some are even layed off for poor performance with a bigger severance pay than most of us will see in a lifetime of paychecks.

It appears that many corporate executives have forgotten about patriotism. Always looking for new ways to save money, these egotistical, unethical and unpatriotic executives have found economic treason as a viable alternative. How can I equate outsourcing to economic treason you ask? First lets review some definitions.

Patriotism: A feeling of love and devotion to one's own homeland.
Egotism: A feeling of love and devotion to one's own self.
Treason: An act of deliberate betrayal of trust or confidence especially in loyalty to one's own country.
Outsourcing: The relinquishment of jobs to third world nations. Also called "Offshore resourcing strategy".

The main benefit that a successful company provides for their workforce is take-home pay. Sure there are other benefits, but without monetary compensation, the paycheck to paycheck family would never survive. If an American job is outsourced, an American worker has lost it. No job. No pay. Americans and their pursuit of life liberty and property are being sacrificed. Sounds very unpatriotic to me.

One could postulate that American Corporate success leads to economic stimulation by employing more workers who then have more money to spend which in turn stimulates more production causing even more workers to be needed. But since Corporate American business owners and CEO's have apparently lost any sense of patriotism it is a simple next step to remove those jobs from the American workforce and give them to less skilled, less able, less American and lower paid third world nations.

Having lost the ability to understand how to make a more perfect product for less money with an American workforce, the quick and easy way to save tremendous costs is to find new workers who will work for peanuts. These CEO's might as well put on an enemy's uniform. Having given their best work effort in faith that their American way will be secure, these once trusting employees are being betrayed. Betray American workers and you are betraying America. That is an act of treason.

Here's an idea that I hope catches on. Outsourcing American CEO and related executive positions. Let's say on average an American CEO gets $6,000,000 USD per year. That's probably equivalent to the pay for about 120 engineering jobs that might have been outsourced. Given that there are probably 2800 Corporations listed with the NYSE and at least that many on NASDAQ, that would be about 672,000 engineering jobs that might be saved with only 5600 CEO's being sacrificed. If we go down the totem pole only a few more "C" executive levels, we could save as many as 2,000,000 American jobs from outsourcing. Is this an unusual outcry? I don't think so. Other traitors in American history lost a lot more than their jobs. And it might even teach these unscrupulous psychopaths the meaning of patriotism.