Thursday, July 19, 2012

Senate Republicans believe Fox news propaganda

As intelligent people know, Fox news is a propaganda machine for the Republican party.  In the past few days we have seen so-called "news" get reported in such a way that it belittles the intelligence of the American voting public.

For example, with the backing of at least four fringe Republican Congressmen, Michele Bachmann has officially called for an investigation into the background of Huma Abedin, deputy chief for Secretary Hillary Clinton.  Bachmann claims that Huma Abedin is connected to the once terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood. Bachmann believes the radical group now influences the Democratic factions of the government.  This story was supported by Fox news and by such Fox reporters as Glenn Beck on his internet radio show.  

The repercussions of this hateful dialog reached Egypt, where Secretary Clinton was visiting.  The Muslim Brotherhood is a once violent group that was involved in the assassination of Egyptian leader Prime Minister Mahmoud an-Nukrashi Pasha in the 1940's.  Mrs Clinton's motorcade was pelted with tomatoes and shoes by a crowd who informed the news reporters there that they did this because of information they got from American news shown on Fox news and the internet.

Some Republicans, like John McCain who have not lost their minds, have criticized Michele Bachmann and called for a stop to the nonsense.  But many who want to believe in any reason to associate the Democratic Party and President Obama with the "enemy" probably will continue to believe it.

But at least the Bachmann controversy was news.  

Then there is this.. the most obvious perversion of a message presented in a speech by President Obama, where Fox news knowingly took the President's words out of context and reported that the President  believes that "...if you have a business, you didn't build that."

During the speech, the President was showing the great support that the government has for business.  His full speech, which Fox news would not report, explained that government research and grants helped create the internet, government bills to fund and create the infrastructure of roads and bridges and other government funded activities help business to thrive.  The words "...if you have a business, you didn't build that" was in reference to the government funded projects.  For example, you didn't build the internet.  You didn't build the bridges and roads, etc.  It was in no way intended to mean that the President does not believe you created your own business.  Yet that is what Fox news wants America to believe.  See the explanation by Jon Stewart here.

Apparently Fox news convinced even Mitt Romney, who uses it in his public speeches and in a new political attack ad, to demonstrate how hateful the President is towards business.  Romney has continued to lie to the public using this out of context quote over and over again in television commercials and public meetings with business leaders.  His campaign reportedly is scheduling 24 meetings with business leaders across the country to give them an opportunity to vent at Obama's supposed criticism of business.  This is ridiculous but I am beginning to think that the Republican national committee is quite capable of spreading ridiculous ideas such as this.  I hope the American public realizes the lie because it is another example of Romney's character flaws.

Even more recently, Fox news perverted the words of President Obama again.  This time the President was speaking about economic policy.  He told the crowd that we have seen the results of the Republican policies on the economy under President Bush and we have seen the results of Democratic policies on the economy under President Clinton.  He referred to the Republican policies as "their" policies.  He referred to the Democratic policies as "our" policies.  At one point in the speech the President stated (and I'm paraphrasing here) "...we have seen the effects of "their" policies and we have seen the effects of our policies.  Their policies don't work.  Our policies do work."

The President understands that history proves him out.  He understands that he inherited the worst economic disaster since the great depression from the Republicans.  He knows that it is only a matter of time before his policies will bring us to the strong economy we had under former President Clinton.  He has expressed his serious concern about the obstacles that Republicans in Congress have caused to prevent progress on economic legislation to carry out these policies.

Yet Fox news only showed the statement about "our policies work" and went on a tirade calling the President foolish for believing that his policies are working.  Again misleading the public into believing that the President's thinking is flawed.  

This kind of reporting is nothing more than propaganda and lies.  For Fox news it also means they are guilty of false advertising.  They tout the slogan "Fair and Balanced" about their news programs, but they are anything but.

To make matters worse, some of the Republicans in Congress also watch Fox news and believe the lies.  Today, two Republican Senators, Mr Poe of Texas and Mr Herger from California wasted the taxpayers money by spending time criticizing the President's supposed hatred of business by using this lie told by Fox news.  Both quoted the out of context words reported by Fox news as proof. 

When I think of the obstruction that Republicans have run to oppose any sound ideas presented by Democrats or the President, I used to think that Republicans thought they were invincible.  Now I think that they are just pitifully stupid.

It seems each day, Fox news continues to prove the validity of the results of the Fairleigh Dickinson University study which found that Fox news viewers are the least accurately informed of any other news program viewers.  And that also includes those who do not view any broadcast news at all.

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