Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Governor Chris Christie: Romney would make a good babysitter

Governor Chris Christie has been marked to be the keynote speaker at this week's Republican Convention.  In this role he has the immense responsibility of making Mitt Romney appear to the American people to be Presidential and capable of the huge responsibility required by that office.

So in a recent interview, Christie tells of a visit that Romney had at his home and the outstanding, most important thing that impressed him about Romney was how good a babysitter he was.  He knew how to talk to Christie's daughter and Christie was impressed with how he interacted with his daughter.

"You need to know what the heart is of the person running for office and I think you can tell a lot about a person by how he treats children", said Christie.

So knowing about Romney's nature as a lying, dishonest shape-shifter in adult circles, did he expect Romney to hurt his daughter somehow?  Did he think his daughter might be in danger from the likes of Romney?  What did he expect?  And what does that prove about his character?  Even a pedophile would have been nice to the little girl.  All I got out of it was that Christie would allow Romney to babysit his daughter.

If we think about Romney's character, we see he has no problem changing his beliefs in order to get votes.  We see he takes the President's words out of context and creates a central theme of his campaign around it.  We see he tells the American people lies about the President's intention for medicare and medicaid and repeats the lie over and over again.  These are character flaws.

Maybe your daughters are safe from Romney and Ryan while they are young, but their policies do not defend her in adulthood.  And on the chance that they are not part of the 1% when they do grow up, Romney's policies will not win much favor with them either.

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