Sunday, May 05, 2013

A love affair with guns

Cricket Rifles
By now I imagine most people have heard of the death of a two year old girl at the hands of her five year old brother who used his birthday present, a "Cricket" rifle, to commit the act.  A horrible tragedy that could only occur because of the availability of and parental approval of lethal weapons for children.  This is not the only case of an innocent child being killed by a gun.  There are thousands of others.

The "Cricket" rifle is sold by a Pennsylvania company called Keystone Sporting Arms.  The target market for these rifles is children.  There are no laws preventing this company from marketing rifles for children because the child does not purchase the rifle.

This loop-hole allows the manufacturer to escape following the existing Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, that prevents gun sales to minors.

The minds of young children are very impressionable.  Unsuspecting children are being trained by their gun-loving parents to develop the same love affair with guns as their parents.  Result...increased profits for the weapons manufacturers like those that make the"Cricket" rifle and a large number of children who lose their lives to guns. 

The NRA itself could not have thought of a better way to prolong the demand for guns.  Once parents have indoctrinated their kids into the culture of guns, firearm companies will see their profits continue to roll in for generations to come as the parental reinforcement cycle repeats itself over and over again.

Although the actions of the NRA in opposing recent background check legislation is disappointing, it is understandable since they must keep up the guise that they are protecting the second amendment in order to give their blood lust for gun sales a more legitimate justification. 

Some think that the key to preventing gun accidents with children rests with parents and to a large extent it does.  But that specific parental responsibility is required because society is forced to live with the availability of guns for young children.  Not everyone in a civil society agrees that children should be allowed lethal weapons. 

At one time the NRA was a gun safety organization but in today's world they seem to have gone the way of most large corporations and forsaken human decency for the profit motive. 

James Porter
On Monday, May 6, 2013 James Porter will become the new President of the NRA.  Radical gun owners rejoice.  If a war is needed with the government over gun regulation then Mr. Porter will ensure that one happens.  His harsh rhetoric, accusations and bigotry will guide his reign as the presiding NRA President.  Having chosen Mr. Porter as their new President, I'm thinking that the reason for the NRA's opposition to back-ground checks is because their new President would never pass one.

But in truth, the reason that Mr. Porter is the new NRA President is because Satan refused the position.

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