Saturday, February 01, 2020

A Party Disgraced

McConnell's Republican Scam
The Senate impeachment trial of Donald John Trump has reached its predetermined conclusion which Mitch McConnell openly admitted prior to the start of the trial.  With only two dissenting Republicans, the vote to allow witnesses has been denied along party lines.

This is a foreshadowing of McConnell's ultimate pre-trial public admission, that Trump will be acquitted next week on both articles of impeachment, regardless of what the evidence shows.

Trump's actions to cheat in the 2020 election has been upheld by the GOP majority.  And when you think about it, Republicans have become famous for finding ways to cheat at elections.  They are the ones who created the false narrative around voter fraud.  They found many ways to deter or suppress  Democrats from voting. They came up with the idea to use mathematical models to help them win against overwhelming opposition by gerrymandering state districts.  Why should Congressional Republicans expect their President to be any more honest than they themselves have shown to be?  Why would they want their candidate to lose in the 2020 election?  

With patriotism devoid in the GOP, they do not care about the Constitution or their oath of office or the oath that they took at the start of the trial to be impartial jurors.  Hell, they don't even care about guilt and innocence or right and wrong.  They only care about power and money.  The power they get from having their party's President working only for the rich and the money they get from that and  ultra-rich donors who's sole bidding they do every day in the Congress.

If there was a party that the devil himself would join, it would be the Republican party.  Think about the atrocities and cruel things that Trump has been allowed to get away with.  Things like caging Latin-American men, women and children because he thinks they are undeserving of entry into America.  Like losing track of over 1800 children in government custody.  Like  preventing the population of innocent Muslim countries from entering the United States.  Like reducing and preventing immigration of refuges from Syria.  Like undoing regulations that the Obama administration placed in order to protect Americans air and water.  Like attempting to eliminate health protections of the Affordable Care Act.  Like reversing DACA so that registered immigrant children are deported back to countries they don't even know.  Like taking from the poor and middle class in order to fund a tax cut that satisfied the greed of the ultra-rich and himself.

And his moral offenses are really something the devil would be proud of.  Things like having extra-marital affairs with porn stars while his wife is pregnant.  Like proudly speaking of sexually abusing women.  Like hanging around with a pedophile and allegedly taking part in sex with underage girls.  Like allegedly raping multiple women who have come forward.  Trump is a scar on the Presidency that the Republican party not only approves of, but encourages to violate the American Constitution.

With an acquittal, Republicans will have given up their constitutional duty to protect America from a tyrant. Every Republican Senator must now face the will of the American people if our republic is to survive.  If America accepts this acquittal without removing those responsible, our government is lost.  The one last chance America has to keep its democracy is left with the voting public.  

Now that Trump will be very active in doing favors for other foreign countries in order to get them to help him cheat in the 2020 election, this may be a formidable task.  It will take every person who is eligible to vote to get out and vote like our democracy depends on it.

Because this time it really does.